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2001 Sovereign Award Winner
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Sport Of Kings Movie/DVD Picks
  • Muscle Shoals Sport Of Kings rating - Perhaps one of the best behind the scenes documentaries of the world of music. With music and interviews from many of the legends of Rock n Roll and how this small town in Alabama became the place where artists from all over the world came to record.. The
  • RUSH Sport Of Kings rating - Wow is all one can say about RUSH. Ron Howard remains one of the best producer in the business. Casting is excellent, racing scenes are unbelievable and what an exciting story that even had grown men crying at times. I almost passed on this when I heard
  • The Family Sport Of Kings rating - Worth seeing. Just a funny and enjoyable movie with plenty of serious action. DeNiro and Pfeiffer are truly right at home with the script.. And their kids fantastic. you can expect to see more of are Dianna Agron who plays Belle and your next upcoming st
  • 2 Guns 1/2 horseshoes Sport Of Kings rating - What can you say - except save $12.99 and go see something else. Even Denzei Washington and Mark Wahlberg tow of my fav actors could not save this badly written score - With a plot so far fetched after only 10 minutes and you begin falling aslkeep you beg
  • Eysium Sport Of Kings rating - If your a fan the sci-fi genre then Elysium you will enjoy. Matt Damon is a working man who has five days before he dies unless he finds a cure, that happens to be on Elysium a satellite earth, where there is a cure for everything. Only thing this world
  • The Conjuring Sport Of Kings rating - Not being a person who scare easy, The Conjuring actually has moments when you are startled to almost rising in your seats. It's clever - well produced and under the direction of James Wan perhaps one of the best horror movies seen in years. If your a
  • The Heat Sport Of Kings rating - Unlike big box office flop the Lone Ranger.The Heat is a hilarious funny movie with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in the lead roles giving us our money's worth by not letting us feel being ripped off, Enjoy and expect a well deserved sequel
  • Lone Ranger Sport Of Kings rating - Would really like to write how good this film was - Unfortunately not to be. A terrible disjointed movie without any redeeming factors - The portraying of the Lone ranger as a complete idiot was very offensive. It's plot made no...See More
  • Man of Steel 'Superman' Sport Of Kings rating - If you are a video gamer then enjoy, If not wait for the DVD or Online version to come out. While Henry Cavill is excellent as Superman, the film really does not live up to all its hype.
  • This is the End Sport Of Kings rating - What can you say about This is the End? it's hilarious funny, With a big But, if you're offended by crasp off colour humour? Then one should stay home.Yet it's great watching six funny and Emily Watson actors work their comedic magic charm. - Again be for

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