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Sport of Kings Magazine The TV magazine format is designed to capture public attention, educate the novice and enlighten even the seasoned horseman. We will continue to promote the sport by introducing the players of the game, highlighting their successes and encouraging everyone to become involved.

Fri. 6:30 pm, Sat 8: am, Sun 12:30 pm and Tuesday 11:30 am
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A candid visit with succesful horse owner Glen Todd

A rare trip back in local horse racing history
Delta Colleen 

Concert Music takes the Senate Appointee

6 furlongs down a  straight away  

We hope you enjoy this season of Classic Sport of Kings programs.

Special promotional consideration to the Vancouver Province and ShawTV

Brought to you in its entirety by the producers of the Sport of Kings.

The Sport of Kings in February was named 2011 Sovereign Award winner for 'Outstanding Film/Video Broadcast/ in Canada'

This was our third time at being honored in this category.

Which maybe helps explain why we brought back our program in its current form. We felt deeply  our sport is deserving of a more positive ‘Television’ presence in our community

This is year twenty-one of being your eyes and ears to horse racing in Canada. Making it still the longest horse racing television program in North America.

Enjoy: Hopefully in the future, this multiple award winning program will receive the proper funding and resources to capture our fourth Sovereign

To all of you you have supported us over the past 21 years

Thank You so much

Tommy Wolski's Vancouver Province Hoss Talk column and Sport of Kings program still remain your only source for continuous media coverage of horse racing in British Columbia on air.
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